Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MEKKA DON RAISES $20K in 30 days in crowdfunding campaign releases debut album "The Dream Goes On"

In order to release a great album, a few things must be present: great production, great engineering, and great marketing. If only it were free. Every Indie artist soon realizes the exorbitant amount of money it takes to compete in this industry, and without a major deal or investors, there are few options.

Mekka Don took to Indiegogo.com, a crowdfunding platform, to raise money for his album. His goal was $12,500, but his fans didn't stop there. He was able to raise over $21,000 from over 300 funders in a little over 30 days. 

The result of his efforts is his debut album, "The Dream Goes On," which was released today worldwide on iTunes and Amazon. The 10 track album chronicles his inspiring story of leaving a lucrative corporate position to pursue his true passion - music. He also delves into his thoughts on what it takes to be successful, relationships, and fighting through adversity. And on "Rockstar" and "Adrian Peterson" he has some fun while delivering a message.

Check out Mekka Don's new album on iTunes and Amazon. Links below:

Mekka Don
Twitter: @MekkaDonMusic